Why should we employ you?

What comes first the chicken or the egg? Or in small business terms…….. the website or the CV? Having concentrated on the correct wording in the former for what seems like weeks it was obvious a potential client would ask for the later!!  After much deliberation with Marketing Vision I finally took the advice offered to me and eradicated all the ‘SAP’ technical talk from my website ……. Thankfully now it was time to talk  SAP again!!! Yay!

What have I learnt? The CV format may have changed over the last 10 years but the underlying key points remain the same.

  • There is no single ‘correct’ way to write and present a CV…. HOWEVER
  • Keep it brief. No more than two A4 sheets – maximum, potential employers may have several hundred CVs to pick through, if its too long it’ll be trashed before its even read!
  • Keep it sharp, no point whittling on about experience from 20 years ago. Focus the words on the last 5 years of experience
  • Check your spelling and grammar, if the shop window has a mistake your potential employer may feel your slap dash attitude runs through everything you do!
  • Target the job you are applying for, bring out the skills relevant to THAT job
  • Lay-out, make sure your layout is logical, clear and easy to read!

Whether its a website your writing or a CV go back to basics and ask yourself ………

Why should we employ you? 

BEST OF LUCK……..I hope you get the job!

Falcon Virtual Assistance



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