Does my business need a website?

When I decided to set up my own company my first thought was – I need a website. Why was that my first thought? For me it was easy…. I need to showcase my skills and I need a shop window to do it. My clients need to know who I am and what I do.  

When you’re looking at spending hard earned cash, the first question you should always ask is WHY?

If you’re not sure whether you need a website…… here are some of the reasons why you just might:-

  • Customers…… Customers and more Customers. Amazingly, the internet was used by 3.2 billion people in 2015!
  • You need a shop window.  If your business exists in the social media world e.g you have a Facebook page – Your customer will be looking for the next click, more than likely they will be looking to find out more information about you or your product. A website can hang all your social media together, like a tree with lots of branches!
  • You want to showcase your products. You know you have a great product or service your customers should be biting your hand off to buy from you……. time to show the world just how good they are!
  • Its free. There aren’t third parties taking a cut of your profit by selling your products for you!
  • You can influence your customers – you can identify your customers problem and sell your business as their solution! ‘Summer wardrobe a bit out of date……. Time to treat yourself!’
  • You can communicate directly with your customers, blog about special offers, events that are coming up, show photos of new products/ promotions.
  • Your customers can look at your website whenever/ where ever they choose ….. its 24 hours a day and at their convenience!
  • The world wide web is global.  Is your business seasonal? ‘Can I only sell my knitwear products in the winters months’? Winter months are all year round if you count both hemispheres in your marketing strategy!

The reasons are endless….If you are a small business / start-up and you’ve realised you need a website, give Falcon Virtual Assistance in Petersfield a call…… we can set up your online presence and give you lots of useful advice! Packages start at £299.



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