How to get your business out there!

Have a new business and need to get noticed?……How, you might be asking?!

So you’ve created your website, spent months refining the words on your services page and bang, the big website launch has been and gone……. The customers aren’t exactly falling over themselves…. The phones are silent and the website traffic is zero?? You’re left thinking ‘Where do I go from here’? What’s next? How will I get my business noticed? Here are some tips on how to start that ball rolling…..

1) Network, network and network – practise that one minute elevated pitch. Look around see what event is right for your business, try a few!  Don’t be scared, everyone there was once ‘the newbie’. Be yourself and avoid the hard sell, people do business with people… If they like you – you’ll build more relationships.

2) Create a Top 10 list of companies you want to work with – target them. Write letters, make phone calls, go visit them. Follow up warm leads and follow them up again, be confident you’re the solution to their problem.

3) Offer something for free – ‘Come along to my free workshop to learn about …….’ Everyone loves a freebie!

4) Business Expos – Attend/get a stall/talk to your potential customers face to face understand what they are looking for and ‘suss’ out your competition.

5) Talk to your friends and family, make sure they know of your new venture – it’s always easier to get referrals from people you already know!

6) Don’t ever miss an opportunity. If you’re invited along – go! If you’re asked to present – do it! In the first year of business, the answer has to always be ‘yes’!

You’ve got to get out there…..  You won’t build your business sat looking at your computer screen all day. Keep at the top of your game and be confident. To coin a cringeworthy  American saying from an ex colleague, ‘go press the flesh’ and get noticed.

Good luck!


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