Kitchen Table Talent

Last week marked a year since I walked out of the Pall offices at Harbourgate never to return. With this poignant anniversary on my mind I have had some reflection this week on how I felt this time last year. When I left Pall there were obvious things I knew I would miss….. the regular salary to start with, paid holidays and benefits. The other thing I knew I would miss was of course the people (some more than others!) When you work for a company for 13 years you become good friends with many, those work friends see you through life’s milestones; weddings, pregnancies, babies etc.

For me on leaving Pall and setting up on my own I worried that the four walls surrounding my desk at home would soon become oppressive. Thankfully this wasn’t the case…. little did I know in the early days that some of the other mums who I walked past in the school playground everyday, who I never really knew, would take me under their wing. I always thought of them as just ’school run mums’, but how wrong could I be?! These ladies are a pool of highly talented individuals who have successfully set up their own businesses and have been kind enough this year to spend some of their precious time guiding and encouraging me on my own journey. To the outside world, we are often seen as a group of women gassing over a coffee ….! Actually we are sharing ideas and top tips, guiding each other and collaborating like any successful business team. I often think with our vast array of skills, depth of experience and ability to collaborate, we’d give any corporate team a run for their money!

SO in this blog I just want to say thanks to team ‘school run Mum’ for keeping my chin up and helping me through this first difficult year as FalconVA.

Paula Hutchings – Marketing Vision Consultancy

Emma Church – Miss Money Penny

Sarah Turner – Bloom People

Bex Stafferton – Art of Healthy Living #bestbloggerintown

Kate Box – Knitwear designer extraordinaire

So whilst I lost a team of friends who I worked with at Pall, I feel honoured and privileged to have gained new friends and a new team who are pretty amazeballs!


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