My top tips on how to get organised for the New Year !

So, once the hangover subsides, the belt has gone out a notch and the post-Christmas bills come pouring in you’ll want to get back into the work mind set tout suite!

Whilst in the corporate world, not a year would go past without the introduction of another new philosophy. A big one that did go on slightly longer than some of the others was the introduction of Continuous Improvement, this came from The Japanese Kaizen Institute. Part of this process was for every employee to use a housekeeping technique called 5S.

5S relates to any workplace and forms a foundation upon which many businesses base their drive for continuous improvement. It is applicable & successful in all sectors helping to achieve high impact results. It is a systematic and methodical approach allowing teams or individuals to organise their workplace in the safest and most efficient manner.

The 5s:-

  • Sort – Sort out and separate what is needed and what isn’t!! This is a great time of year to ensure that pile of paper work gathering dust on your desk gets either filed or binned! And what about that inbox??? 
  • Straighten – Arrange items that are needed so that they are ready and easy to use. Get that new calendar and diary up to date! 
  • Shine – Clean the workplace and equipment on a regular basis in order to maintain standards and identify defects. Is your keyboard full of lunch crumbs? Mouse sticky from one too many custard creams? Time for a clean perhaps?
  • Standardise – Revisit the first three of the 5s on a frequent basis. Yes, boring I know …. What’s the saying ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’?
  • Sustain – Keep to the rules to maintain the standard & continue to improve every day.

So, whilst tidying and sorting isn’t usually top of my to do list I certainly will be actioning the above steps to ensure that FalconVA starts the new year in the most efficient way!!!


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